Siarter Iaith

The government aims to get 1 million Welsh speakers in Wales by 2050 and we share their aim! The whole nation must be on board to achieve this goal, be they fluent  Welsh speakers, speakers who lack confidence or Welsh learners.

Our aim as a school is that every pupil will choose to and be able to speak Welsh in every aspect of their lives and they will be proud of their language, their heritage and their Welsh traditions. We wish for you as parents to join us in our mission to keep the Welsh language alive.

Our next challenge is to achieve the Silver award!

Criw Cymraeg

 Promote a strong Welsh ethos in and around our school.

 To provide a range of enriching activities that enable all pupils to enjoy learning the Welsh language.

 Promote the use of the Welsh language -on the yard, listen to Welsh music, use welsh apps. 

 Promote the Welsh language at every opportunity by celebrating everything Welsh such as  St Davids’s day,   ‘Diwrnod Shwmae, Su’mae’ along with taking part in Urdd competitions.